Established in 1991, BUDDIES HIRING is a professional and dynamic company that has been serving the events industry for over 20 years. We specialize in the supply of all types of tents e.g. Hire of Marquees, Bedouin Tents, Frame Tents and hiring of other function equipment, table hire, chair hire, linen hire, tableware hire and decor items for hire to Governmental events, Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Functions.
Our tents range from 50 seater up to 20000 seater - being one of the largest available tents in Southern Africa.


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Peg and Pole Marquees Tents: Traditional Pole Marquees – consist of canvas and more recently PVC, under tension by means of centre poles, side poles and guy ropes which are attached to ground stakes hammered into soft surfaces only such as lawn or field.  Hand made of white cotton canvas, traditional poled marquees are more attractive but much less practical and versatile than aluminium frame marquees.  The modern PVC traditional pole marquee was introduces due to the material being easier to clean than woven canvas and giving them a longer hire life span.

Clear Span, Free Standing and Frame Tents: Aluminium Frame Marquees have no center poles or guy ropes, can be erected on any surface and adjacent to buildings or annexe tents.  Much more stable and can span a much wider area over pools, flower beds or trees.

Free Form Tents, Moroccan, Nomadic or Bedouin Tents: A Free form tent is made of a highly stretchable material.  As soon as the sides of the free form tent is secured to any structure the poles could be lifted from the inside of the free form tent to create the stretch effect.  More poles of different heights will also create tension on all the side ropes to make the structure secure.


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